Sarah Smizz

Here For A Good Time, Not A Long Time

Artist / Live-Drawer / [PHD] Researcher / Radiation-Oncology Grad / Collaborator / works in Public Health / Adventurer / Optimist / Creative-methods-campaigner / Photographer / Occasional Designer / Excessive Tweeter / An All Hoper / Practicing Kindness / Re-evaluating Life / Trying to make the world a better, more equal & fun place / Ramen Lover / Trying to remind people that there’s a huge difference between being alive and FEELIN’ alive / Northern Lights Chaser / NYC + Tokyo lover / Loves a colour gradient / Yorkshire Kid / wanna be surfer  / rides fixie / a DMBC Labour Party councillor!

I LOVE meeting new people
so get in touch :

Chapter New*
/// 2021-

  1. Camp Get Together!

  2. Arty Party in the Park!

  3. Surf dreams

  4. A Local Councillor

  5. Supporting Our Communities

Chapter  2021-2018

  1. Care & Exhaustion (Donx Creates)


  3. Active Withernsea

  4. Giving Voice

  5. Double Agency

  6. Hospital Adventures

  7. Critical Arts in Health


  9. Camp Do It Together

  10. Get Doncaster Moving

  11. *Live Drawing Gigs*

  12. Creative Radiotherapy Communication

  13. Positive Deviance

  14. Other cool healthcare projects I’ve worked on

  15. Drawings On The Go

Chapter 2018-2010 

(A Chosen Selection of older works/projects, no date order)

  1. F/O/R/C/E

  2. ReAdvertise

    (Site Gallery Emerging Artist Residency)
  3. POWERnoid

  4. #Class

    (Winkleman Gallery, NYC)

    (Previously CAKE Artspace, Sheffield)
  6. CAaD

    (contemporary art as dialogue collective)
  7. Art School inside the Art School

  8. AREA Chicago
  9. Project Biennale

Chapter 2010 & before

  1. Utopian Protagonists
  2. Shadow Cities

Fun Stuff!

  1. I love making Spotify Playlists
  2. I love making Travel Videos
  3. I like to Blog from time to time

Coming soon
Old websites


1. Supporting Our Communities


Thanks for coming to this page. I think it’s so rad that you want to get one of these holographic limited edition stickers!
I made these stickers & T-shirts as campaign material based from my Citizen’s Radical Care commission - which was made possible by Doncaster Creates

When sharing them, it became clear that I could spread the message and demand of justice further by also helping out my local Foodbank based at Bullcroft Memorial Hall, in Carcroft, Doncaster. 

If you want 1 of these stickers.
Please donate £2.50 (or more if you so wish) at my paypal link here:

with your NAME + ADDRESS

or email your address to me at post donation.

I will cover the postage costs.

At the end of the month, I will take all PayPal donations & donate 100% of the funds raised to the Bullcroft Memorial Hall Foodbank.  

As they’re super local & volunteer-run, they haven’t got an online page or an online donation form yet. So all donations need to be in cheque or cash. So this is the easiest way to do it.

T-shirts will be added soon! Which will be £25 each.
The breakdown of that cost is: £10 for T-shirt, £2.00 for postage, £13 for donation to the Foodbank. All t-shirts are made on sustainable materials & are eco-friendly.

All this is limited edition, smizz art.
So they’re a bargain & a chance for you to be part of citizen power care agenda! 

Thanks so much for coming here - You rock!
Any questions please email me.