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Artist / Live-Drawer / [PHD] Researcher / Radiation-Oncology Grad / Collaborator / works in Public Health / Adventurer / Optimist / Creative-methods-campaigner / Photographer / Occasional Designer / Excessive Tweeter / An All Hoper / Practicing Kindness / Re-evaluating Life / Trying to make the world a better, more equal & fun place / Ramen Lover / Trying to remind people that there’s a huge difference between being alive and FEELIN’ alive / Northern Lights Chaser / NYC + Tokyo lover / Loves a colour gradient / Yorkshire Kid / wanna be surfer  / rides fixie / a DMBC Labour Party councillor!

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  1. F/O/R/C/E

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  1. Utopian Protagonists
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1. Care & Exhaustion

In July 2020, I and other lucky artists based in Doncaster, were chosen through an application process to get awarded a commission to do work in reponse to Doncaster Creates call out:

Birdsong on the
       Planet of the Apes

Which calls for artists/creatives to respond to the issues and recognition that a crisis can be a leveller - will the new reality be an opportunity to create new balance, continue to view the world through fresh eyes and ‘re-set’ how we do things?

My proposal is about looking at Care and Exhaustion. There’s quite a bit written about care, there’s alot written about protest, about working, about being depressed, about meditation, etc. But we seem to be missing a language, or stuff written about real exhaustion. Exhaustion usually comes with care - whether a lack of it, or due to delivering it, due to illness or exploutation - and so forth. It’s the reasons why we need care, why we are apathetic, etc. 

I’m not super sure what the outcome is going to be yet, but I’m going to talking and working with diff people to help bring in perspectives to build upon this. Looking forward to it.

Please find some paintings I did from quotes said by members in our Reading Care Group. They seem relevant. 

I’m looking forward to doing it. 

Download the In Need of Care Zine: